Weather Conditions Keep Balch Park and Mountain Home Closed for Memorial Day Weekend

Due to unusual cold and snowy conditions, the campgrounds at Balch Park and Mountain Home will remain closed this Memorial Day weekend. Snow in excess of four feet in the campgrounds and ice has prevented the opening.  The ponds at Balch Park and Hedrick are frozen over.

Normally the campgrounds open two weeks prior to Memorial Day Weekend.  Opening has not been delayed like this since the early 1990’s.

Road conditions are also problematic.  Balch Park Road M296 is completely closed at mile post 36 at Church Hill, and closed to thru traffic at the Blue Ridge turn off M276.  Bear Creek road M220 is closed at mile post 8 just past Mountain Home Camp.  The roads are closed due to snow, ice, and unsafe conditions.  Law enforcement will be citing drivers that travel past road closures.

Best estimates of these campgrounds opening are the middle to end of June.  Campers are encouraged to call County Parks at (559) 624-7000 or Mountain Home Demonstration Forest at (559) 539-2855 before going up to verify the campgrounds are open.

We appreciate that Memorial Day weekend is coming up and many people may have planned to use the campgrounds for recreation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, the health and safety of our public is and will remain the County's number 1 priority.