Demolition Underway for Parking Lot VI Project

June 3, 2011

Demolition of the old Public Health Building, just north of the Tulare County Main Jail in Visalia, will begin today in preparation for a new parking lot construction project that will create an additional 166 new spaces, Tulare County Capital Projects officials announced.

Tulare County Capital Projects Manager Brian Summers said the demolition project will be completed within two weeks so construction crews can begin the “Parking Lot VI” construction project, which is slated to begin in mid-July and end in September. The demolition project will eliminate 40 parking spots immediately adjacent to the building. During the construction project, the 312 parking spots just north of the main jail will not be able available for employees or the public.

“We understand that this construction project will create an inconvenience for users of the parking lot six,” Summers said. “Tulare County is working on an alternative parking plan to lessen the impacts.”

Summers said the alternative parking plan will be unveiled in July. Tulare County will make a survey available next week to employees and the public to gauge parking lot usage and needs.

Summers said temporary fencing will be installed around the health building while the demolition is underway. The total cost of the Parking Lot VI construction project is $875,000. Upon completion, the project will add an additional 166 parking spaces for a total of 478 spaces.