Input Needed from Tulare County Courthouse Parking Lot Users

June 15, 2011

Tulare County is asking residents who park near the Tulare County Superior Courthouse in Visalia to take an online survey in order to plan and lessen the impacts of a construction project that will eliminate 312 parking spaces during a two month period.

At least one alternate parking spot - a lot near the Tulare County Administrative Office - has been identified during the construction of the Parking Lot VI construction project. Parking Lot VI is located just north of the Tulare County Main Jail and will add 166 parking spaces for a total of 478 spaces.

Tulare County Capital Projects Manager Brian Summers said transportation will be provided to residents and employees who utilize the alternate parking site. There will be no charge to use the transportation. The online survey will determine when and how frequent transportation will need to be provided. Identifying additional alternate parking is also underway.

“This construction project will create an inconvenience for people who are accustomed to parking around the courthouse and main jail,” Summers said. “We want to make sure that we make every attempt to lessen the impacts of this construction project and provide convenient alternatives.”

Residents can visit to take the survey or by visiting

Notification and a survey have also been sent to Tulare County employees regarding this matter.

The total cost of the Parking Lot VI construction project is $875,000. Upon completion, the project will add an additional 166 parking spaces for a total of 478 spaces.