Tulare County Announces Kings River Closure

June 16, 2011

Tulare County’s General Services and Sheriff’s Departments announced today the Kings River in Tulare County is closed for at least two weeks to all recreational use due to potentially dangerous conditions. Recreational use includes swimming and boating.
The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water from Pine Flat Dam, which flows into the Kings River and travels through Fresno and Tulare counties. Currently, the flow at the Kings River is 5,000 cubic feet per second and is anticipated to reach 6,500 cubic feet per second by Saturday.
Tulare County officials closed the Kings River in early April, when peak flow exceeded 4,000 cubic feet per second.
“The Kings River is closed to recreational use due to extreme rapid currents and cold water,” said Neil Pilegard, Tulare County Parks Manager. “By no means should residents attempt to enter the river. These conditions pose a great concern for public safety.”
Pilegard said the rapid flow could last two to three weeks. 

For information please call Cutler Sheriff Sub Station (559) 591-5811 or General Services at (559) 624-7227.
The Kings River closures are being posted. The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department will provide enforcement.