2015 Tulare County Employee of the Year

2015 Tulare County Employee of the Year

Productivity, efficiency, high performance, willingness to accept new responsibility, contributions to morale, and extraordinary services are attributes that all Tulare County employees strive to achieve when they report to work. In 2015, one Tulare County employee outshined the rest.

Rodger Keller has been named as the 2015 Tulare County Employee of the Year, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors announced today. Officer Keller works as a probation officer assigned to the Porterville Police Department as a Police/Probation Partnership Officer monitoring high risk offenders, indirectly working to uphold public safety throughout the county.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Michael Ennis said more than 100 County of Tulare employees were nominated from 19 departments for this prestigious award.

“To be the most outstanding employee in 2015 among thousands of hard working people is a great honor,” said Chairman Ennis. “Officer Keller’s willingness to go the extra mile, his readiness to assist others, and efforts in training new probation officers is to be commended.”

Officer Keller was nominated by his peers for his organizational skills that have proven to be an asset to the Probation Department. This has shown through in his exceptional work in the special enforcement unit. During the last 12 months Officer Keller made over 900 individual contacts, conducted 519 searches, and administered 375 drug screens without incident.    

The top reasons for nominating Officer Keller include his expression of leadership, patience, approachability, and willingness to get the job done. Having worked for the county since 1992, other probation officers look to Keller for guidance and expertise on complex probation matters.

“He is an excellent example of a ‘team player’ as he is always willing to assist other officers in the field,” stated Chief Probation Officer, Christie Myer. “Officer Keller routinely mentors less experienced staff, providing guidance and expertise in complex matters based on his years of experience.”

In addition to his regular duties, he is a department Range Master and Simunitions Instructor. He is also an excellent presenter, routinely providing classroom instruction in the areas of Policy and Procedure, Officer Involved Shootings, Stress Management, and Radio Communications.