Board of Supervisors Announce 2016 Employee of the Year

Board of Supervisors Announce 2016 Employee of the Year

Productivity, efficiency, high performance, willingness to accept new responsibility, contributions to morale, and extraordinary services are attributes that all Tulare County employees strive to achieve when they report to work. In 2016, one Tulare County employee outshined the rest.

Glen Black has been named as the 2016 Tulare County Employee of the Year, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors announced today. Black works as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic in the County’s Solid Waste Department. He has been an employee for Tulare County for 27 years.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Pete Vander Poel said more than 100 County of Tulare employees were nominated from 19 departments for this prestigious award.

“To be the most outstanding employee in 2016 among thousands of hard working people is a great honor,” said Chairman Vander Poel. “Glen’s willingness to go the extra mile, his readiness to assist others, and efforts in keeping our Solid Waste Department on the move is to be commended.”

Black was nominated by his peers for the Employee of the Year Award for being such a valuable asset not only to his department, but to the County as a whole. Being a mechanic, the entire Solid Waste Department relies on him to maintain and repair equipment and vehicles for the landfills. Therefore, he’s the behind the scene guy that keeps all recycling and waste disposal operations in Tulare County going.    

Glen’s out of the box thinking, uncanny skill, and his “can do” attitude are just a few of the many characteristics he poses that make him a viable assets to the County’s Solid Waste team and earned him the nomination for Employee of the Year.

“Glen is the master at repairing equipment, so there is little to no lapse in our productivity,” stated Refuse Site Supervisor, Michael Betzinger. “Glen’s efforts save us time, money, and man hours.”

Solid Waste Department Head Bryce Howard shared that Glen’s work ethic, dedication, and pride in his work is evident in all that he does. Not only does he work hard, but his great sense of humor provides a positive and enjoyable work environment around him.