Local Schools Restore Ag Equipment for County Museum

Local Schools Restore Ag Equipment for County Museum

The Tulare County Museum has housed our local history for seventy years and is the home to many prized artifacts.

While at its core, the Museum will continue to preserve and promote a shared understanding of Tulare County’s past and its place in the future, staff are working to expand the strategy for doing so. This includes hosting events, creating new exhibits, and undertaking restoration projects. Past restoration projects include the Bank of Visalia Clock Tower, Southern Pacific Caboose, Masonic Façade, and the Main Street Gallery.

In 2015 the Tulare County Museum began working in partnership with the Tulare County Historical Society to create a plan to enhance the agriculture equipment display on the museum grounds. The two key Historical Society members, Carl Switzer and Don Vieira, worked with Amy King, museum curator, to form a working group that would drive this project.

Don and Carl were able to attend a meeting with a large group of Agriculture Mechanic teachers at local high schools to tell them about the project and how they might be involved. In an exciting development, the Museum delivered pieces of equipment to nine high schools who have been working this school year to research and restore them!

We look forward to this being an annual partnership with our local schools to bring our collection of antique equipment back to its original glory.