Tulare County Prepares for Winter Storms

December 15, 2010

Tulare County is taking precautionary measures in anticipation of a series of winter storms, forecast by the National Weather Service to begin impacting the area on Friday and last well into next week.  Heavy precipitation and localized flooding in flood-prone areas are possible with this series of storms.  To properly prepare residents for the incoming storms, Tulare County is providing locations where residents can obtain sandbags, and is taking extra steps to identify potential problem areas. 

Sandbag materials are available at the following Tulare County facilities, beginning on Thursday, December 16th, through the duration of the storms:

• Cutler-Orosi Fire Station, 40779 Road 128, Cutler

• Lemon Cove Fire Station, 32490 Highway 198, Lemon Cove

• Three Rivers Fire Station, 41412 South Fork Drive, Three Rivers

• Lindsay Fire Station, 19603 Avenue 228, Lindsay

• Doyle Colony Fire Station, 1551 Success Drive, Porterville

• Pixley Fire Station, 200 N. Park Drive, Pixley

• Porterville Road Yard, 1243 W. North Grand Avenue, Porterville (business hours only)

Sandbags will also be made available by most cities within Tulare County.  Contact your city to determine the sandbag pickup location nearest you.

Tulare County Office of Emergency Services will continue to monitor the storm throughout the weekend and provide necessary resources, equipment, and staff as required.  As part of the County’s pre-season planning, crews have been working to clean debris from streets and gutters and also cleaning out excesses that might cause trouble during a severe weather event.  

Some precautions that residents can take during a severe storm include: stay indoors or take shelter until heavy rain passes, carefully consider weather and road conditions if you must travel, and listen to a weather or news channel for the latest information and news updates