Tulare County's Top Health Official Issues Warning

December 23, 2010

Tulare County Health Officer Dr. Karen Haught issued the following statement Wednesday regarding potential health risks for flood and standing water:

With all flooding, potential health risks may be present.  In general, flood and standing water may be contaminated by sewage, animal feces, pesticides/insecticides, fertilizers, oil/gasoline, and other hazards.  Flood and standing water contaminants could lead to infectious diseases, chemical exposures, and injuries. 

Every attempt should be made to stay out of and avoid flood and standing water.  If you come in contact with flood waters, use good hygiene practices to promptly clean yourself. 

Children and their toys need special attention: Children need to stay out of flood water areas.  Contaminated toys need to be discarded or thoroughly disinfected.     

Do not eat food, use cosmetics or medicines that have come in contact with flood waters.

Information on Flood and Standing Water Health Risks are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at: