Fish and Wildlife Funds Available

Fish and Wildlife Funds Available

Organizations in Tulare County who are dedicated to protecting, conserving, and preserving fish and wildlife are eligible to apply for funds through the Tulare County Fish and Game Commission. 

The commission will hold its annual meeting to hear requests for funding from the County’s Fish and Wildlife Propagation Fund. The meeting is at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, at Exeter City Hall, 137 N. F Street in Exeter and is open to the public.

The funds, derived from Fish and Game fines and forfeitures imposed by the court system, are to be expended solely for projects related to the protection, conservation, propagation, and preservation of fish and wildlife during the 2014-15 fiscal year.  The County Board of Supervisors must approve all projects.  

Such projects may include:

- Public education relating to the scientific principles of conservation
- Temporary emergency treatment and care of injured or orphaned wildlife
- Breeding, raising, or purchasing fish or wildlife to be released onto public areas
- Improvement of fish and wildlife habitat
- Predator control actions for the benefit of fish or wildlife
- Scientific fish and wildlife research

For further information, contact Tom Tucker, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner Phone: (559) 684-3350; Fax: (559) 685-3335; E-mail: 

The Tulare County Fish and Game Commission is a five-member advisory group appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Duties of the commission include making recommendations regarding Fish and Wildlife Propagation Funds and advising the Board of Supervisors on all matters related to fish and game. 

Projects approved last year include:

- Allocation toward expenses for providing feed for rearing pheasants for the general public-Success Lake area near Porterville; ($2,500) Southern Tulare County Sportsman’s Association, Porterville

- Allocation toward expenses in transportation, developing curriculum, hire staff, ensure safety and communications, and manage program details for Tule River Trout in the Classroom project; conservation of river and land habitat classes for grades 2-8 River Ridge Ranch Tule River near Springville; ($1,000) WildPlaces/SEE 

- Allocation toward transportation costs of elementary school field trips related to the Trout in the Classroom program.  This program exposes students to activities where they take on the role of stewards of local watersheds, Tulare County; ($2,000) Kaweah Flyfishers

- Allocation for chain link fittings, gates, and roofing materials to complete a Small Mammal Rehab Area-Squaw Valley; ($1,500) Critter Creek Wildlife Station

- Allocation toward a 6-month slip rental at Kaweah Marina for the Fish and Game Patrol Skiff during the 2014 fishing season-Kaweah Lake; ($690) California Department of Fish and Game

- Allocation toward expenses for installation of a sunshade structure over the seating area of the SCICON Raptor Center – Near Springville; ($250) SCICON

- Allocation toward the purchase of feed, medications, veterinary treatments and caging materials for raptors, mammals, and reptiles – Springville area; ($500) Wild Ones Wildlife Rehabitation