Trout Returns to Mooney Grove Park for the Holidays

Trout Returns to Mooney Grove Park for the Holidays

Tulare County Parks and Recreation and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announce the return of trout fishing to Mooney Grove Park. At noon on Friday, December 22, 2017, the first stocking of catchable rainbow trout will commence at the historic Mooney Grove Park in Visalia. State and County officials look forward to having outdoor enthusiasts and families coming to fish in the park.

With its urban setting, Mooney Grove Park has the potential to become a very popular urban fishery and provide a unique outdoor experience for families. CDFW plans to provide around 800 catchable trout every other week, depending on the amount of fishing activity by park goers.

Rainbow Trout is a cold-water fish and will only do well in Mooney Grove Park during the winter months.  The water has been checked and will work well while it remains at cold temperatures. When water temperatures exceed 75 degrees, the trout will not be able to thrive.

County officials hope park visitors engage in fishing activities at Mooney Grove and take part in catching the trout and to enjoy at home. For additional information please call Tulare County Parks at (559) 624-7227

Bait fishing or casting artificial lures are common methods used in fishing for Rainbow Trout. Trout from 12-21 inches are frequently caught. For best results, officials suggest using your equipment as described below:

Salmon eggs: Use a single size 14-16 salmon egg hook with an egg sinker on a 4 to 6 pound test line; attach a swivel to the line, and use a leader of 2 pound test.

Cheese and egg combo: Use 4 to 6 pound test line, sinker, and swivel. Attach a leader to two hooks; an egg hook and a treble baited with cheese.

Nightcrawler rig: Use the same setup as above except use a size 6-8 hook baited with a night crawler.

Normally all the Tulare County Parks are closed for two weeks during the holidays, however this year Mooney Grove Park will be open December 22-23 and from December 26- 31 for your fishing enjoyment.  Fishing will be allowed from 8:00 a.m. when the park opens until sunset. No night fishing will be allowed.

All California Department of Fish and Wildlife rules will apply. Participants 16 and older must have a current fishing license.  The limit is five trout per person. Trout may only be taken with hook and line.  No grass carp may be taken.  If grass carp are caught, they must be returned to the water immediately because grass carp help keep the pond weed-free.