County Extends Date for Indigent Burial; Encourages Families to Claim Deceased

County Extends Date for Indigent Burial; Encourages Families to Claim Deceased

Tulare County officials announced today the date for family members or next of kin to claim their deceased loved ones prior to internment has been extended 30 days.

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Phil Cox said the date has been extended from February 25 to March 25 because of interest from the public. Tulare County sent out a notice two weeks ago regarding the County’s plans to conduct an internment of more than 210 cremains being held. Since then, interested residents have called about the indigent cremains and some have asked for the internment to be delayed.

“We are pleased with the amount of interest the public has given and we are glad some of the people cremated will be reunited with their families,” Chairman Cox said. 

The indigent cremains are being held at the Kingsburg Cemetery District, located at 12782 E. Clarkson Ave. Kingsburg, CA 93631. The last day to claim the cremains is March 25. If the cremains aren’t claimed, they will be included in an internment, with a ceremony to follow at 10 a.m. on March 28 at Tulare County Potter’s Field, located just north of Traver. A potter’s field is a term for a place for the burial of unknown or indigent people. The last time indigent creamins were interred was 2006.

For additional information on the burial program and to view a list of indigent cremains being held, please visit

If a person is identified, family members or next of kin should contact Kingsburg Cemetery District Superintendent Carmen Rojas at 559/897-2426. The Kingsburg Cemetery District requires the family or next or kin to pay a $60 administrative fee in order to receive the cremains.