Christie Myer Appointed as Tulare County Chief Probation Officer

Tulare County Probation Chief Christie Myer


The Tulare County Superior Court announced today Christie Myer has been appointed as Tulare County Chief Probation Officer.

The appointment of Chief Probation Officer is based on recommendations and approval by the Tulare County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission and Tulare County Superior Court Juvenile Presiding Judge.

Tulare County Superior Court Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Juliet Boccone said Myer was selected based on her many years of experience with Tulare County Probation, her work ethic and the many contributions she has made to the community by serving on various boards and committees.   

“Christie has worked in the Tulare County Probation Department for over 35 years.  Throughout her lengthy career she has worked with many public and private agencies in and around Tulare County. She has built strong professional relationships and is highly regarded by the local justice partners and the Superior Court bench.  Christie will do an excellent job in her new role and we look forward to working with her," Judge Boccone said.

Myer has served with the Tulare County Probation Department for more than 35 years. Myer began her employment with Tulare County in March 1977 as a Probation Officer I. Since then, she has held the positions of Probation Officer II, Probation Officer III, Supervising Probation Officer, and Probation Division Manager.

Most recent, Myer has served as the Assistant Chief Probation Officer since October 2006.

“Christie Myer is an excellent choice and has the support of the Board of Supervisors,” said Allen Ishida, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “In our experience in working with Christie, she is more than competent to manage this large agency.”

Myer will be responsible for more than 370 employees assigned to five departmental divisions, including two juvenile facilities. Probation Department staff supervises more than 5,000 adult felons and juvenile offenders on court-ordered probation/supervision, post-release community supervision or in diversion programs.

Tulare County’s Probation Department was established in 1908. The first Chief Probation Officer, S.J. Cross, was appointed in 1909. Myer is the twelfth Chief Probation Officer appointed in Tulare County since the department was established.

Myer will replace Janet Honadle, who retired September 21, 2012, after more than 40 years of public service in Orange and Tulare counties. Honadle served as the Tulare County Chief Probation Officer for more than 10 years.

Chief Probation Officers of Tulare County:

S.J. Cross, 1909
Frederic Grimes, 1912
W.W. Collins, 1915
Charles T. Pool, 1926
Gleason Crowell, 1937
Merlin D. Winter, 1952
Joseph C. Jiminez, 1977
Larry R. Price, 1988
Richard Houts, 1996
Stan Kephart, 1999
Janet M. Honadle, 2002
Christie Myer, 2012