D.A.'s Office Raises Funds, Donates Food to FoodLink

Inspired by Make a Difference Day, the annual call for volunteerism, which takes place on the fourth Saturday in October, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office raised $1,261 and 530 pounds of food for FoodLink for Tulare County. 

The District Attorney's Office used a lively competition to raise the most funds and food among the individual units and office.  The Family Protection team took top honors by bringing in the most food per person.  The Major Crimes team came in a close second.  

Foodlink estimates that for every dollar donated translates into five dollars worth of food.  Using that formula, the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office supplied $6,305 worth of food for families in need.

“It was a privilege to participate in such a worthwhile cause. Especially with the holidays upon us, we do not wish to see any family without food," said Tim Ward, Assistant District Attorney.