Tulare County Reports Increase in Registered Voters

Tulare County Registrar of Voters, Rita A. Woodard, would like to announce the success of voter registration collection efforts for the November 6 General Election.

More than 5,000 additional voters registered between the June Primary and the October 22 deadline for the upcoming General Election. Elections’ official say the boost in voters can be attributed to online registration, modified registration hours, and general interest in the upcoming Presidential election.

For the upcoming election, around 145,000 Tulare County residents are registered to vote. That number is up from 139,946 registered voters for the June Primary.

One key to the increase can be attributed to extending voter registration hours to midnight on October 22 - the deadline to register to vote for the Nov. 6 General Election.

On October 22, the Elections Office collected 652 registration cards, 325 of which were received after normal business hours but before midnight. In addition to regular registration cards, Tulare County Elections received more than 800 registrations from the California Secretary of State’s new on-line registration process.

For more information, please contact the Tulare County Elections Department or visit  www.tularecoelections.org.