Chairman Vander Poel Delivers 2013 State of the County Address; Pledges to Improve Life in Tulare County

Chairman Vander Poel Delivers 2013 State of the County Address; Pledges to Improve Life in Tulare County


Tulare County Board of Supervisors Chairman Pete Vander Poel today delivered his 2013 State of the County Address with the theme of “Improving Life in Tulare County.”

Chairman Vander Poel pledged to maintain funding for several public safety programs, pushed residents and employees to live healthier lifestyles, highlighted major “community building” infrastructure projects, and announced an effort to plan and implement a project that would address nuisance properties in unincorporated communities.

“Tulare County, like many Counties, faces challenges during these difficult times and our residents have shown their desire to improve life here,” Chairman Vander Poel said during his address. “Like the residents of Tulare County, I too see these challenges, but I also see an opportunity to improve and be proactive in 2013.”

Chairman Vander Poel offered strategies that would help “improve life.”

Health & Wellness

- County of Tulare Health & Wellness Program: Continue to participate and implement new programs under the County’s Health & Wellness Program.
- California Community Transformation Initiative: Develop plans for Tobacco Free Living, Health Eating and Active Living, and Healthy and Safe Physical Environments.

Public Safety

- Community-Based Officer Program: Seek funding to continue the County’s CBO program.
- Marijuana Eradication: Continue to fund the County’s Marijuana Enforcement Team.
- Nuisance Properties: Launch multiple-department program that would address nuisance properties in the unincorporated areas.

Investing in Youth

- Step Up: Maintain level of funding and expand existing programs under Step Up.
- Youth Centers: Seek funding to building additional youth centers in Tulare County.

Building Communities:

- Broadband Initiative: Complete broadband infrastructure in Tulare County.
- Roads: Complete of major road projects in Tulare County.
- Flood control: Launch three flood control projects in northern Tulare County.
- Water: Continue to work with stakeholders to deliver clean water to disadvantaged communities.