Tulare County Establishes Fraud Hotline

Tulare County Establishes Fraud Hotline

Tulare County Auditor-Controller, Rita A. Woodard, would like to announce the implementation of a new County of Tulare Fraud Hotline: 559-636-5230.

The County has financial and operating controls in place to provide reasonable assurance that fraudulent, illegal or dishonest activity by employees, officers, business contacts or others is prevented or detected. However, the Auditor-Controller recognizes the potential for inappropriate activities and behavior still exists within the County, as it does in any organization.  To ensure our controls are effective, a fraud hotline has been established for whistle-blowers to report improper or inappropriate activities not identified by existing controls.  

Reportable activities include, but are not limited to: theft, embezzlement, improper reporting of time, payments, misuse or questionable use of cash, diversion of or lack of timely deposit of county revenues, credit card fraud, inappropriate communication of confidential information (pay, social security number, other protected personal or financial information), and any other illegal or questionable acts that have a financial impact on the County.  

Incidents can be filed by either providing information via the dedicated hotline number at (559) 636-5230, or an online form can be completed and emailed directly to the Auditor-Controller’s Office.  The link to the online form can be found at http://tularecounty.ca.gov/auditor/. The person submitting the report may choose to remain anonymous, or he/she may leave additional information so that he/she can be contacted with any questions.  

For more information, please contact the Tulare County Auditor-Controller’s Department, Financial Reporting and Audits Division at (559) 636-5200 or log on to our website at http://tularecounty.ca.gov/auditor/.