Property Owners Urged to Abate Fire Hazards

Property Owners Urged to Abate Fire Hazards
Property owners in Tulare County should think about the upcoming dry summer and begin to abate fire hazards on their land soon. 
The Tulare County Fire Department will begin to deploy staff in April to conduct nuisance inspections on properties. Facing a dry, hot summer, staff will be checking to see if property owners have abated weeds, grass, rank growth and combustible rubbish in the name of public safety. 
According to the Fire Department, the lack of rainfall and unseasonable temperatures is causing the grass to become dry earlier this year.  Fires starting in grass and rubbish can quickly spread to homes and property in a matter of minutes.
The Tulare County Fire Department would like to remind property owners that it is their duty to prevent a nuisance from arising on or allowing to exist on their property.  All weeds, grass, rank growth and combustible rubbish must be cleared from the property. It is important that equipment is used the right way: this includes lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, and tractors. Use all equipment responsibly and keep it maintained in a safe operating condition. 
Tulare County Fire Department offers some helpful tips to keep your community fire safe:
- Do all property maintenance before 10 a.m. Not in the heat of the day, or when the wind is blowing!
- Rocks hidden in grass or weeds are enough to start a fire if struck by a metal blade.
- Hot exhaust pipes or mufflers can start fires. Do not pull off the road into the dry grass. 
- Keep a cell phone close by and call 911 immediately in case of a fire.
Fire personnel will begin inspections on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. Refusal to abate the fire hazards could result in the County abating the property at the owner’s expense. If the County is forced to clean the property an Administrative Fee of $261.00 will be added to the abatement costs. 
For additional abatement information contact your local Tulare County Fire station, Tulare County Fire Department website or the Fire Prevention Bureau at 559-747-8233.