The Tulare County Board of Supervisors approved a $1.2 billion fiscally sustainable spending plan recommended by the County Administrative Officer Michael Spata for Fiscal Year 2017/18.

“The budget approved by the Board is one the County can be proud of,” stated Board Chairman Pete Vander Poel. “We have worked to set aside funds in preparation for the future uncertainties we as a County are bound to face.”

The 2017/18 Recommended Budget reflects a 4.3% increase over last year’s adopted budget, with a $2 million increase in General County Reserves. The proposed strategic funding allocations include:

  • $1 million for County Economic Development projects.
  • Provide funds of $1.5 million for a financial software upgrade.
  • Allocating $6.6 million to Capital Projects.
  • $1 million for the Tulare County Sheriff’s Property and Evidence Facility.
  • $200,000 to be used for a County-wide homelessness program.
  • Funds of $1 million for County Parks Development projects.
  • $694,000 for numerous water programs.

“In its broadest sense, this Recommended Budget of $1.2 billion is balanced, fiscally sustainable, and structurally sound,” stated Spata. “In doing so, the proposed funding allocations address both strategic and operational responsibilities.”

The Fiscal Year 2017/18 Recommended Budget implements the County’s Strategic Business Plan to address strategic and operational opportunities, and responsibilities. As an example, new building permit value amounted to $197.4 million and during the past four-years over $790 million in new permit value was conferred on the County through application of strategic management emphasizing fiscal sustainability and economic development. 

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for reviewing and approving budgets for all County operating funds, internal service and enterprise funds, County Service Areas, and dependent special districts. The Board also sits as the Redevelopment Agency and is responsible for those budgets.